Tayab Soomro

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  • Borrow.ly


    The app that allows users to borrow random items they need -- but don't need to buy-- from trusted, verified neighbors. Launching Fall 2014 in select cities.

  • Robert Dale Smith

    Robert Dale Smith

    Technophile, Entrepreneur, Lead Developer at @BouncingPixel, and Founder of @MoteLabs

  • Global Knowledge

    Global Knowledge

    Worldwide leader in IT and business training, featuring Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, AWS, IBM, security, cloud computing, and project management.

  • Giorgos Myrianthous

    Giorgos Myrianthous

    Machine Learning Engineer | Python Developer

  • Randy Olson

    Randy Olson

    Senior Data Scientist, @UPennIBI. #MachineLearning & #AI. Data tinkerer. Community leader for @DataIsBeautiful. #OpenScience advocate.

  • Bibop G. Gresta

    Bibop G. Gresta

    Bibop G. Gresta is a world-renowned speaker and considered an expert in startups, transportation and Finance. He’s now busy building the Hyperloop!

  • Waseem Soomro

    Waseem Soomro

    Freelance developer at waseemsoomro.com | Love the intersection b/w technology and humanity..

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